Devotee Training & Research Center

Devotee Training & Research Centre (DTRC),  previously known as Devotee Training Centre (D.T.C.) is a Training and Employment Service Provider (T&E) organization having more than 7 years of proven experience in Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) sector of Nepal. It has worked as a Training & Employment Provider partner of Helvetas Nepal (F-SKILL), ILO/SEEP, GIZ/Inclusive Development of Economy (INCLUDE) Program, Foreign Employment Promotion Board of Nepal, Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT Project) under Ministry of Education Nepal. We especially conduct centre based and mobile nature of vocational skill trainings in various trades.

DTRC has trained more than 5400 youths of mid-western and far-western region of Nepal with 94.27 % overall gainful employment rate.

We conduct regular survey of labour market to assess skills in demand and supply part of skill workers, where market information obtained from primary and secondary sources. A market Assessment tool named Rapid Market Appraisal (RMA)is conducted prior to design and implement any of our training programs.

DTRC has introduced Teaching Hotel Concept first time in Nepal targeting unemployment youths who are seeking for employment in Nepal or overseas. The following are key features of this training concept.

  • Enroll as real hotel employee from day one
  • Modern Lab Restaurant
  • Fully equipped practical Kitchen
  • Daily language classes
  • 5 star experienced Trainers
  • Daily exposure to 3 star hotel operations
  • Personalized career counseling
  • Individual Personality Development
  • Interview preparation classes

We design the training program in two bases, one theoretical and practical orientation and other experimental (internship). Most of the trainees get employed while they are in internship. However, we ensure the industry standard learning for particular occupational skill.

We integrate the Active Learning Approach and Skill Plus activities in the training for effective skill learning.


DTRC will be recognized as the leading organization to provide employment oriented technical and vocational training for unemployed youth in Nepal.


Our mission is to provide livelihood opportunities for unemployment, disadvantaged and marginalized youths. We achieve this by:

  • Rapid market assessments and labor market surveys
  • Quality training modules in line with labor market needs
  • Competent and motivated human resource
  • Training Plus and Skill Plus modules
  • Post training follow up, monitoring and support mechanism


  • Ensure quality training delivery and provide gainful employment opportunities to participants.
  • Conducting vocational research and studies and applying same in the interest of the society.
  • Provide consultancy service in Database Management, Research Works and Effective Monitoring Counseling.
  • To apply appropriate strategies and approaches to uplift and sustain the image of DTRC.

Target Group

Unemployed youth with limited access and poor socio-economic conditions. DTRC gives priority to socially excluded and disadvantaged youth, conflict victims, indigenous people (janajati), women and occupational caste groups.

Nepali youths who want to seek foreign employment opportunities in Nepal and Oversees.

Services Offered

DTRC offers various demands based services in partnership and coordination with various supporting organizations. We welcome supporting finance and matching grants to achieve donor’s development target by offering the following particular services:

Technical and Vocational Skill Training

We have sound implementation competency of the following occupational skill training:

Training Course Training Length Occupational Skill Level
Brick Molder (Ita Pathera) 45 days (270 hrs.) Elementary
Water Sanitation and Plumber 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2


Building Electrician (House wiring) 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2


Arc Welding 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2
General Cook 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1
Waiter/ Waitress 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2


House Keeper/ Cleaner 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1


Stone Layer Mason 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1
Construction Brick Layer/ Mason 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2
Furniture Maker 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2


Tile and Marble Fitter 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1 and 2


Steel Fabricator 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1
Aluminum Fabricator 90 days (390 hrs.) Level – 1


Note: DTRC design and deliver other technical and vocational skill training services on demand.

Research &Consultancy Services

  • Database Management Support
  • Project Documentation
  • Business Skill Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Rapid Market Appraisal (RMA)
  • Area Potential Survey (APS)

DTRC Program Manager , Mr Arbind Kumar bhatta with Trainee